Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ok so I know I always update numerous events at once.  I feel like I never have time to update my blog.  The girls were playing in the playroom so I thought I was safe but not with my girls. I turn around and Mary Frances has no clothes on and  wants her bathing suit on and Sydney my potty trained 3.5 year old has a diaper on and is pretending to be a baby.  Life in this house is crazy and maybe that is why I am crazy.  I am too tired at night to be on the computer and during the day unless my kids are locked in a room I can't take my eyes off them for more than a few minutes.  This morning Sydney got into all my lipsticks.  Fun, huh?  Corbin has been working late every night so it is me and the girls.  Any tips on how to keep them out of trouble?

First Day of Kindergarten

So today was the first day of kindergarten.  Mary Frances has been so excited for weeks.  I have been excited also.  She is SOOOOO ready for school and to have some structure in her life, which I have not provided this summer.  She decided to wear this outfit even though it is summer but her Grandma Francie got it for her this past week when she was here. She is in Ms. Wilson's class at Charles Haskell and is in afternoon kindergarten.  Corbin met us there and we dropped her off along with the other hundred kids that were there.  The school seems so big.  When I picked her up she said she enjoyed it but seemed glad that we were there to get her.

Sister Sydney is sad she is not in school.  She is stuck at home with mom and baby.

Ellen and Mary Frances are finally in school together and they got different teachers.  I think this is good though cuz they will make other friends.  Mary Frances is still wishing she was in class with Ellen.

Baby Lauren

So I know many of you are wanting some updated pics of Lauren.  I haven't taken as many of her as I did of the other two.  Life is crazy with 3 and I rarely get a moment alone with Lauren.  These are pics I took today when she was trying to fall asleep on my bed.  We are glad she likes the pacifier cuz our other 2 did not.  Sorry to those who have not seen her yet.  Those of you who know me know I am a germaphobe and I have tried to limit the visits, but I am feeling great and she is doing great.  Nights are still rough but I cherish every moment since I know she is my last.  I love to hold her and just look at her.  Today I actually got to pick out her outfit but usually Sydney and Mary Frances fight over what out she is going to wear.


So we have been married 8 years this past August 4th.  With a new baby at home our options were limited to what we could do but thanks to my parents who watched all the girls Corbin and I got to go out to eat at Mahagony.  We had a wonderful time just the two of us(WITH NO KIDS!!!) 
Since we have been married 8 years I decided to write 8 things I love about my husband.
1. He is the most compassionate man I know
2. He always thinks I am sexy even when I know I am not
3. He is a hard worker and good provider for his family
4. He loves our girls 
5. He has a wonderful spiritual side that grows stronger each year
6. He loves to travel and eat at wonderful restaurants
7. He is a wonderful cook
8. He knows our to calm our kids down when I am about to pull out my hair

These are the beautiful bouquet of flowers he got me.