Monday, July 7, 2008

Amber's Wedding & shower

Another June event was my cousin Amber's wedding.  We had a shower at my house the weekend before with her mom, mother-in-law, my mom, and several friends.  The family BBQ was the next Saturday at our house where friends and family could relax, talk, and play.  Amber and Travis got married Sunday June 22nd and my daughter Mary Frances got to be the flower girl.  The wedding was beautiful.
Amber & Travis
Amber's sisters, Sherry and

Mary France had a ball being the flower girl, she felt so special.

Mary Frances and JD had a ball at the reception singing in the microphone, beating on the drum and dancing and chasing each other.

Here are a few pics of Amber's shower.

At the BBQ, all the kids had a blast throwing waterballoons, getting wet, sliding, and blowing bubbles.  Ashley's kids seem to be having the most fun and showed everyone else how to stay cool in Oklahoma.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fourth of July

This year I was partied out after the month of June so we did something small for the fourth of July.  We went to a BBQ at the Gallardia pool during the day with our friends, the Coons and that night we watched fireworks from our backyard just Corbin, myself and the girls.  It was definately the most relaxing fourth of July I have ever had.

Everytime Sydney would see the fireworks she would say, WOOOOW!!!!
As you can tell I was fading and my waterproof mascara I had put on earlier was truly waterproof.
Mary Frances wanted to camp out in the back yard.  I had to convince her it was too hot and we were all sleeping inside.
Mary France and Sydney had stuffed the tent full of blankets, animals, dolls, and pillows.  I am not sure how they fit in there also.
The girls favorite summer time food, WATERMELON.
The Coons Family
Mary Frances and I, she is a good coverup for a picture.
Sydney and Isabelle.  Sydney spends as much time out of the pool as she does in it.
Mary Frances somehow got inside some kids floatie and loved this rainbow ball and flag.  She swam all over the pool holding onto these items.
I asked Mary Frances to pose for a pic and she wanted to get up into the tree.  I think maybe Corbin suggested it.
My cute girls up in a tree at the country club.
Becky and Isabelle
Pat and Brielle

Mary Frances and Michael Coons

Mary Frances in Karate

Well we started Mary Frances in karate about 6 months ago and she first had a white belt then graduated to a orange belt and then this past month received her yellow belt.

I am not sure who was more excited to get the yellow belt Mary Frances or Sydney.  Sydney was so excited for her sister she decided to join her up front.

Corbin's Birthday

This year Corbin turned 33 y/0.  Every year we have a big birthday party for him and this year was no exception.  We got his favorite Baskin Robbin ice scream cake, mint chocolate chip ice scream with chocolate cake.  Corbin is the best cook so he made homemade salsa and grilled burgers and hot dogs.
Corbin and Cullen
Hansen crew with Corbin
Tori, Joe, Corbin, myself, Becky and Pat
Grandma Carol, Corbin and Grandpa JR
Zak and Grandma Carol
JR, Carol, Carson, and Zak
My mom and dad
Carson and Corbin
Corbin got a coat caddy from his good friend, Pat Coons, who thinks Corbin already has everything.  Corbin was so excited about this coat caddy.
The girls and I took a gamble and got Corbin and badminton/volleyball set and surprisingly he was very excited to get them.
Mary Frances & Ellen
Mary France, Gary and Carson
The famous birthday cake!!!

Cowan Family Visit

This June at the Cowan house has definately been eventful.  Corbin invited his dad to play in a golf tournament at Gallardia with him so Gary and Mary Frances decided they would come spend a week here in OK.   The next thing we know Cullen is flying in and Carson decided to make the long trek with her 3 boys from Colorado.  Everyone was here for about a week and we had events everyday.  All the cousins got to play and have a ball with each other.
The girls decided to make their own water slide!!!
I think one of the best days was taking all the kids to the pool and watching Cullen, Carson and Corbin compete on the diving board.  They were practically daring each other to do front and back flips, 1 1/2, and as you can see Cullen below, cannonballs!!!
Cullen was trying to splash the lifeguard.
Corbin doing one of his flips.
Carson and her beautiful dive.
Mary France, Robyn and all the grandkids.

Cullen catching Sydney, our little daredevil, off the diving board.
Me trying to stay afloat while catching Mary Frances.
Cullen and Mary Frances
Cullen and Jake
Derek, Zak, Mary Frances and Jake watching the adults show off.
Sydney trying to catch a kiss from Derek.

Derek and his goggles
LaVerda wanted all the cousins and family to be able to spend time together so she had a party out at her house  and all the kids got to take pics and ride on Motocycles all day.
Cade, Cullen, Carson, Corbin, & Carter
Ross and LaVerda
All the grandkids-Brooklyn, Nicole, Zak, Gwynie, Christiana, Maddie, Jake, Grant, Sydney, Mary Frances, Elliott, and Derek
Carter, Robyn, Gwynie, Maddie, and Elliott
Carson and her boys
Grandma Carol and Grandpa JR
Me, Corbin, Sydney and Mary Frances
We took all the kids to the omniplex one day and no one wanted to leave.  They all had a wonderful time watching the stars, painting there faces, talking on telephones, and playing with science stuff.