Monday, July 27, 2009

So here's the story.  I went to see my doctor Tuesday July 21st and she told me she would be gone all weekend and if I went into labor her dad would deliver the baby.  I started to cry.  I just knew I would have this little baby by now but no such luck.  So Wednesday morning the girls and I are at home as usual and my doctor calls and says head up to the hospital and get induced.  I was both excited and scared.  I had never had to be induced before and was hoping to go on my own but excited to get the baby here and have my doctor deliver her.

Here is me outside the hospital getting ready to go in.

Here is baby girl Cowan which she was known as for the first 24 hours of her life.
Proud mama, exhausted!!!
Grandma Lori
Daddy, who thought she was so beautiful, informed me he wasn't sure this should be our last. 
Proud Papa

The girls came up after school and were so excited.  They couldn't keep their hands off  the baby and thought she was so cute.

Here is Mary Frances holding Lauren Elizabeth.  We decided on that name cuz Corb and I both loved the name Lauren and Mary Frances picked out the name Elizabeth.  so of course what does Mary Frances call her but "Elizabeth" .  She is such the little mama and loves to hold the baby and can't help kissing her all the time.