Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas 2007

This year we stayed here in Oklahoma and ate for two days straight.  Christmas Eve we had lunch at the Fredericks with the missionaries, Grandpa Trumper, Amber, Travis, Sandra, Rebecca, Sherry, Susan, Mary Alice, Charles, Corbin, Mary Frances, Sydney and myself.  The food was plentiful and wonderful and we enjoyed being around family and friends.  We missed Sarah and Justin's family.  Later that evening we went over to Ross and LaVerda's for dinner with Aunt Dale, Cade, Crista, Kevin, Nicole, Brooklyn, Janie & David Ware, Grandma Carol and JR, Todd, Stephanie, Josh and Brianna.  We ate, read a Christmas story about Christ and opened presents. The house was full of kids  enjoying each other.
Christmas day my girls had to be woken up to see what Santa had brought them and then they were so overwhelmed they just sat and stared at the presents.  My parents were over early to enjoy the girls.  Sydney and Mary Frances enjoyed their gifts from everyone.  Cade dropped by as well as Ross and Laverda.  We later went for lunch at Carol and JR's and saw Carter, Robyn and the kids.  We then had not had enough to eat and went to dinner at Christa and Kevin's. 
We missed Carson, Mike and the kids, Mary Frances and Gary and Justin, Katie and the kids and of course Sarah and Cullen.  We wish everyone a merry Christmas.
The Cowans