Monday, October 13, 2008

Updated blog

Well I don't update my blog very often but I had so many cute pics from over the past couple months I had to share them. I did several updates so everyone could see what was going on in our lives.

Pumpkin patch

Well we love fall and one of our favorite parts is taking the girls to the pumpkin patch. We decided to go to Parkhurst Pumpkin patch out in Arcadia. We had the whole place practically to ourselves. It was great.

Sydney usually doesn't like to get her hands dirty but she loved feeding the animals.

Mary Frances feeding the Llama.

Corb and Sydney on the hay maze.

Mary Frances had a ball on the hayride throwing hay on herself. When we got done she had so much dirt on her face she looked like she had freckles.

Measuring the girls!!! They are getting so big.

The lady who owned the pumpkin patch made these fall hats and our girls were the first to wear them. How cute, huh?

Our hot tub

Our infamous hot tub. We had this in Colorado and Corbin used it all the time so we paid to have it towed to Oklahoma when we moved back. When Mary Frances was little she called this her pool. Our girls would not swim in cold water for a long time. They love to get in it at night with Corbin and I.

Well I took this picture with our underwater disposable camera. Mary Frances swam all summer at a pool and would hardly ever go underwater. Now summer is over and we were in the hot tub and she decides she wants to go underwater and start swimming.

Sydney in her duckie floatie that she stays in for about 5 minutes and then wants to be on her own in the hot tub.

San Antonio

Well we decided to go down to San Antonio for vacation with the girls. We figured it would be a good trip since it is only 8 hr drive. Little did we know that with our family it would take and 11hrs and we would be going on the weekend of Hurricane Ike. Everybody thought we would get rained out but it was the most beautiful weather and we had a blast.

I am not sure who Sydney learned this pose from but she looks like a teenager and she is only 2. We have our hands full.

Corbin and the girls posed with a boa constrictor. Plenty of hand sanitizer after this experience.

We had our own hammock and cabana at the lazy river at the resort but only spent a few moments there because the girls wanted to be on the beach and in the water the whole time.

We got to watch a 3D pirate movie and the chairs in front of us sprayed water at us. Mary Frances was enjoying her glasses.

The Sea Lion show was great.

Corbin and the girls cooking their marshmallows for smores.

Sydney's first smore and she doesn't know quite what to do with it.

This was the lazy river at the resort and we couldn't pull Mary Frances out of this area. She loved it and kept going around and around on it.

This is us in the hot tub. I stuck the camera up on some rocks and the pic turned out pretty cute.

Cade's bday

We celebrated Cade's bday at Grandma Carol's this year. We had a feast with homemade rolls and apple pie.

Cade, Julie and Grant

Cade and Sydney

Children's Museum in Seminole

Tori and I took the girls to the Childrens Museum at the end of Summer in Seminole. There was a bubble man there who was performing with bubbles. The girls rode the train, shopped, dug for dinosaur bones and had a ball.

Sydney wanted to pilot her own plane.

Mary Frances coming out of the dinosaur sand box.

Ellen and T-rex.

The bubble man with Gracie, Syndey, Ellen, & Mary Frances.

Tori taking pics of the girls shopping.

Playing doctor

7th Anniversary

This year was on August 4th was our 7th anniversary. In some ways it seems much shorter and in some longer. Corbin planned a wonderful trip to Beaver Creek Colorado for our anniversary. We flew into Denver and ate at his favorite restaurant "The Rio" and stayed in Downtown Denver that night. We then drove up to the mountains to ride horses. Our guide was this 19 year old that had never seen "The Man from Snowy River". I was feeling pretty old. We then drove up to Beaver Creek to stay and it was absolutely gorgeous.

This was on our wedding day and I was quite a bit thinner back then.

This was our view from our hotel room.

This was us up in the forest on our horses.