Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sydney has Surgery

Well Sydney has needed her tonsils out for awhile so we finally scheduled surgery. I was a basket case until Sydney and I got blessings.  I felt more calm.  Her surgery was at 7:30am which meant we had to be there at 5:30am. I got Sydney up and thought she would be cranky but she was so happy and excited to go. We waited around in the waiting room forever and my mom stopped by and brought her this barbie that sings so it is about 6:30am and we are so loud playing Barbie Diamond Castle which Sydney continued to play until she went back for surgery.

Papa and Sydney

Grandma and Sydney

Here Aunt Sandy and Sydney are in the children's playroom which had movies and puzzles and toys. We would drag Sydney's IV pole down there frequently over the 10 hours we were there.

Mary Frances was so excited to see Sydney. She said to me " mama next Halloween I am going to have surgery and get presents".

This is Sydney's baby that Grandma Francie and Papa Gary sent from colorado.

Uncle Cade brought Sydney a Elmo and Mary Frances a monkey. Cade wanted to be a good uncle and make sure his little niece was ok.

Syndey took this pic of me with my camera. She loves taking pictures.

Sydney right after surgery with her little IV in her hand.

Halloween at Gallardia

We went to a Halloween party at Gallardia. They had a pumpkin patch for the girls to pick their pumpkins and then they got to decorate them. We ate and danced. The girls love the dancing.

Sydney found a friend "Snow White". Sydney is into princesses and just loved this little girl who was the daughter of a couple we had had dinner with at a birthday party the week before.

Sydney is in her own world when she is dancing.

The girls love to hang out together now and are at a cute age.

Daddy and Sydney dancing.

Here the girls are holding their decorated pumpkins.

Aren't these the cutest girls!!!!

Fall Festival

Every year our ward at church has a fall festival. This year they went all out and the girls had a ball.

This is Bro Burk. I didn't even recognize him in his motorcycle gear. I was like who is this guy giving my girls candy. Good costume!!!

The girls were not shy about getting into their candy and eating as much of it as they could while I loaded the car.

Pony rides!!!

This is my friend Robyn and her new baby Kenzie. What a cute costume.

Sarah Traynor showing off her cookie.

The girls in their costumes.

This is Elizabeth and her son. While she was setting up for the festival he got into the cupcakes and was eating several at a time.