Friday, April 24, 2009

My life and pregnancy

Well for those of you who don't know I am now almost 28 weeks pregnant.  We have several u/s and they tell us each time that it is a girl.  This pregnancy is kicking my butt.  It must be my age or maybe that I have a 3 & 5  year old at home and am now working 2 days a week.  I am blessed to be having another and this should be our last.  

I have updated my blog finally and hope you all enjoy looking at the events of our life. Life is crazy but I think I schedule it that way.  We are so blessed with wonderful friends and family and 2 beautiful, healthy girls.  They make me crazy sometimes but each night as I see them sleeping I thank Heavenly Father for the wonderful gift they are in my life.

Easter 2009

Well the girls were so excited for Easter this year and to decorate the eggs and go on Easter egg hunts.  

Here the girls and I are decorating eggs.

My cousin Sherry came in town and the girls got to hunt eggs out at Grandpa Trumpers.
Our one Easter pic.  We took this as soon as we got out of church so we could hurry and change clothes and get ready to have family over for dinner.

Laverda, Ross and all the grankids.
Grandma Carol and JR
Brooklyn, Crista, and Nicole
Mary Alice, Susan, and Charles
Dad, Mary Frances, and Mom
Sydney and baby Amaya, Sydney loves her new little cousin.

Cade, Julie, and Grant

Stephanie, Todd, Brianna, and Josh

Well it was a dreary and cold Easter but that didn't stop our feast and the kids from having a great time.  

Mary Frances lost first tooth

Well Mary Frances came home the other day and told me her tooth was loose.  I couldn't believe she was old enough to loose her tooth.

I was too squeamish to pull it so Corbin got some floss and tried to yank it out and finally got it out.  He wondered how I could work in surgery and not pull my own child's tooth, but it is way different when it is your own child.  

Here is Mary Frances with her tooth gone and she could hardly sleep that night knowing that the tooth fairy was coming.  The tooth fairy told me to account for inflation she needed to get $5.  What a generous tooth fairy!!!!!!

Sarah's visit

Sarah, Sydney, and mom

Mary Alice, Sarah, Charles and Susan

It snowed while Sarah was here and the girls got out and played in it, while Corbin pushed them in the jeep.

Well we haven't seen Sarah since November and she came to visit about a month ago.  The girls love  it when she comes and so do I.  She is always so much fun and always a kid at heart even though she is almost 30 now.  We love her.

Kindergarten enrollment

So my friend Tori and I went to enroll the girls for kindergarten. I have been so excited to have Mary Frances in school and yet when we went I was sad that my oldest is so grown up.  She will start school in the Fall at Charles Haskell and be with her best friend Ellen.
Sydney was with us also and wanted to go to  school also, but she still has 2 years.