Friday, June 12, 2009


Well this past weekend we spent the weekend in Branson with Corbin's family.The girls had a blast with their cousins and in my very pregnant condition their dad got to do a lot with them when he was not reading his book. The condo had these wonderful big rocks outside that the girls were magnetized too so of course I spent most my time watching to make sure they didn't fall off of them.

The first night all the girls got in their new nightgowns Grandma Birdie had gotten them. They all got to sleep downstairs in the living room of the condo.

Corbin, Mary Frances and Sydney got to ride water bumper cars.

Grandma Carol and JR took all the grandkids to Noahs Ark and supposedly it was amazing.

Our day at Silver Dollar City!!!!

Corbin got to ride all the kiddie rides with the girls and felt his age.

Ross, Laverda and all the grandkids.

Yes I was there at Silver Dollar City but mostly just took pics and enjoyed watching the kids have fun.

Grandma Carol and JR had a great time. We didn't see them till the end of the day when the park was about to close. They had no idea we had been looking for them all day. They had a blast going to all the shows.

Here Corbin reading his Vince Flynn book. He finished it in 3 days. Somebody had a good vacation!!!!

Crista and Amaia in the hot tub.

Brooklyn and Cristiana

The girls were so tired from the trip they slept the for 3 hours on our way home. Oh the peace and quiet.